….so, here you are…

Where to start, oh where to start. I suppose the picture above is one of those that sort of speaks for itself and tells you “HELLO~BIG CHANGES HAPPENIN’ AT THE CARTER’S!!”. Which, there are. And up until today we weren’t comfortable “completely” sharing what is going on as Adam is just now discussing things with his employer.

I have been in this practice for a little over 7 years. I have A LOT vested in this practice and this little community. I love my patients. As you have read in previous posts we have completely (literally) re-done our home. She turned 100 this year, ya know~and I have the paperwork to get ‘er listed on the National Historic Registry. I ran out of time, though. Fortunately we put very little of the renovations on top of the home mortgage. We paid for things as we went, Praise God~which allowed us to sell it thus leading to the fun picture above!

The end of May I received a call from my sister (who lives in Kearney) to casually mention to me that there was a job opening listed in their paper for a family practice in Cozad. 

Hmmm. Well.

We had just returned from Adam’s mom’s graduation and spending time in Mississippi where we visited with his parents extensively about where we are at in our life and what we are doing, etc.  We came  back from that trip knowing that a change was needed in my employment someday but didn’t know when or where. Heck, at this point we still weren’t even sure if we might even go back to Montana! I decided to nose around a bit but this basically hit us like a pizza being delivered. WHAM!

The long of the short is that we are moving to a wonderful new community September 21st. Cozad, Nebraska is only 45 minutes west of my sister, rather than 3 hours southeast. I will no longer be taking call. Both of these will be nice things if we can have a family someday~ya’ think? The medical community is what I would consider “healthy”. Without going into tons of detail, let me just say that there are not as many issues there as there are here. It is always important to remember however that there is no such thing as a “perfect” job (darnit-to-heckola!) but I am hopeful for a more healthy work environment. The physicians I will be working with are awesome. All young with families. There is only one other female and she is prego with her first babe! Excited for her! I will have my own nurse (yay!!) and her name is Janna. We just met her this past weekend and she is going to be just perfect I know it (more to come about Janna~would ya believe that we are actually looking at buying her house?! WEIRD!).

Cozad is three times the size of Tecumseh. It has an Alco people, an Alco!!!! For those of you that don’t know what that is, Alco is like a Super Walmart in rural no-where-villes. About Adam? Not sure yet. Like I started this post out….just now telling his employer. It would be kinda’ cool if he could do some of what he does for them from home in Cozad and still keep his job. We’ll see.

Up until Saturday morning, I couldn’t think past….well, anything really. I was overwhelmed, worrying about where we were going to live. We were planning to rent a place and just have someone keep an eye on our home here while it sat empty. Because, while I may have been dealing with this job deal for awhile, we just finished our house three weeks ago and therefore just got it listed. No stress at our house. None at all.

I have so much more I could say but I am going to end this post now by just saying that by the grace of God….our home sold after being on the market for only 16 DAYS…16 days people!!!! Did we list it too low? Probably. Are we going to be able to pay off our mortgage? You betcha’! With $445.00 to spare baby! We decided when we were going to list that we were going to go for only what we needed, to not be greedy and to pray the house would move. We had a couple of people interested in it Saturday~I sent out a text asking for prayers; Adam actually layed his hand on the house and prayed and by noon it was sold and by Sunday we were house shopping in our new town.

Can I get an Amen?!

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  1. Shana, what great news for you guys! When I read your post I had to stop and think, to remind myself that yes, we did know you and your family from Whitefish and not from Nebraska. We lived in Kearney for 12 years before we moved back to Montana in 1986, so it’s weird to see you writing about moving to the Kearney / Cozad area. Life takes strange twists and turns. Maybe someday you’ll make it back to Montana! 🙂

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