…the quickest way down is to….

fall. We were leaving to watch my niece play state bball in Lincoln this am and were actually running on time (shocking in and of itself I know!) so I was NOT hurrying but I slipped from the top step of our staircase and fell down the entire flight of stairs. This has been a fear since we’ve moved here, especially since we decided to remove all carpets and return all of the floors back to their original historic wood.

Thankfully I didn’t go head first. Adam was already downstairs and as they ARE wood it was quite loud. He says he heard my shoes make it down first, then me. I hyperextended my left shoulder which was my first concern as I’d hate to have a rotator injury but after we kind of took better inventory of all my parts we realized we had an issue with that actual arm. Plus, a bunch of bruises, and as time is progressing grunts and growns where new aches are coming.

I have a fracture right below my elbow. Fortunately not a terrible type and I will NOT, I repeat..will NOT be casting it. I ran real quick to the clinic to have one of my partners xray it before we headed to Lincoln and have it in a sling for now until the pain is a little better and then we’ll go from there. But, really…I have no interest in a full arm cast, armpit casting just isn’t for me and it is really only a “buckle” type fracture so it is more of a “puttin'” up with the pain type of scenario which I am noticing even tonight is mainly with any rotation or lifting anything. I still am concerned about the darn shoulder, that may be the thing that gets me in the end…we’ll just have to wait and see.

The long and the short….you get to the bottom of the stairs way faster that way. And, as my brother-in-law ever so kindly pointed out to me, you are officially old once you fall and break something vs. falling and jumping right back up and saying “I’m okay, it’s all good!!!”. So, I’m old.

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  1. Oh no, Shana!!

    This is a terrible story. But, since you’re almost okay, it’s a little funny. Yeah, that is a quicker way to the bottom, and a lot cheaper than installing an elevator.

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