I knew there was a reason I do not like sushi!

Wow! So, I am listening to the news this morning and they start talking about worms. Not your average worms, though. We’re talking about 9 foot long tape worms that live in your belly! Ick! Apparently there have been more cases than in past history of people getting worms. This particular case was some guy who passed the 9 foot long worm in his poo and I suppose got “a little” concerned and therefore took his worm with him and went to the emergency room in Chicago. These worms do not go to just your gut…they can go to your brain too.

What are they attributing this to, one might ask? Sushi. Yep, you got it. Raw fish is known to carry more parasites so there you have it. I guess salmon is also kind of high up on the list of culprits also.

Now, I am one that will try pretty much anything. I HAVE had sushi. My mother, brother and I had it in this cute little place in NYC a few years back and it wasn’t too bad but I think I’m ruined now.


This reminds me of a patient we had in our clinic 18 months ago or so. He was an immigrant from Mexico and I cannot remember all of the details but I think he maybe had a seizure. The jist of it was that we found on his MRI of his brain that he had a worm growing in his brain…most probably from contaminated food. Now, what is going on with this fine young wormy man now? I have no idea. As an immigrant, he had no health insurance. We sent him to a neurologist and he never followed up. Scary….

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