nothin’ better than the smell of home baked bread

A friend of mine came across this recipe and loved it and encouraged me to try it. Adam picked up the ingredients for me and we made it last weekend and loved it. It is a wheat bread, somewhat heavy (which I love) and fat free. Best of all….VERRRY easy. Literally, no kneading necessary. It has been a great snack when I have been craving a carb as it is a whole wheat grain and is filling. Apparently they have a book with all sorts of other things you can do but I’m just impressed Adam and I baked bread for pete’s sake and am not so sure I want to push our luck!!! It literally takes less than 5 minutes to mix up. NO kidding.

1 thought on “nothin’ better than the smell of home baked bread

  1. Okay, this is my last comment. I have GOT to get to sleep.

    But I HAVE BEEN MAKING THIS 5 MINUTE BREAD FOR A YEAR NOW AND I LOVE IT! I got several recipes out of Mother Earth News for the regular version of the master boule, and then several recipes for the wheat version from a later issue of the same magazine. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?! I got the book from the library and concluded that they’d chosen the best recipes for the magazine articles. Our favorite is the pecan rolls. Maybe you could find that one by google. Not sure.

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