I know I am grown up when…

I discover I am Vitamin D deficient-thought that only happened when we got older (ahem, guess I am older)

I am sleeping in a different bed then my Husband. We currently have our guest bedroom queen mattress on the floor next to our King bed and depending on how my back is doing determines which bed I am on. I look forward to my next physical therapy session. AND, no I have no idea what happened to the darn back. It just IS.

I get my first mammogram. I was giddy with excitement (sort of) afterwards. I actually asked the tech if there was a sticker I could proudly wear that said “I got a mammogram”. I figure if the Red Cross has stickers for blood donors and if we get stickers that say “I voted” when we vote, why shouldn’t I get a sticker for getting my breasteses squeezed. As a fabulous side note, said mammogram was abnormal and more tests are pending. Fun.

Because I couldn't get a darn sticker I almost wanted to wear my bracelet all afternoon...I didn't but thought about it long and hard before I cut that bad boy off

I know my Husband is grown up when I come home from work and he says “I have a rash” only to discover that he actually has shingles. Stay. Away. From. Me. I have enough other odd medical things going on in my body right now, an order of shingles is not on my agenda. Not sure where I’ll be putting the Husband but I called in Valtrex in three minutes flat and sent him out the door to go get it.

…and here I thought that you didn’t start “feeling” older until you turned 50. At least that has always been my overall “consensus” from patients. Is 35 the new 50? Ha!

4 thoughts on “I know I am grown up when…

  1. Shingles?! Aaahhh, painful. Sorry, Adam.

    Yay for the mammogram. Was it really painful and uncomfy? i’ve heard they are, but you seem thrilled with yours, so now i’m confused. Is everyone else a sissy, or are you just really brave? hmmmm…

  2. Ha ha….lets just say I’m super strong & brave!!! BUT, I am more nervous about the additional pictures they need. I haven’t followed up for those yet but because of the abnormality I am SURE there will be more compression~probably won’t want a sticker that day!!!

  3. ooh – no fun. I’m not looking forward to this little procedure either. Are we already at the point where they’re recommended?! Did you find out what was causing the irregular reading?

  4. The recommendation is for us to get a “baseline” anytime between age 35-40 and then EVERY year starting at age 40 on. BUT, I see sooooo many young women with breast cancer (seems younger and younger now-a-days) so I decided to go forward with my baseline now at age 35 and honestly, I think I’ll do annual from here on out. Most insurance companies DO pay and they aren’t horrible expensive.

    The drawback? What happened to me….the abnormality was from my tissue being “dense” which is classic in younger women; so when the tissue is dense or thicker in areas sometimes it can appear that there may be something when there really isn’t and so more testing is necessary. Fortunately, the amount of radiation from a mammo is on the low-end! I’m ALL about avoiding extra radiation!!!! I think medicine has become so reliant on xrays and especially CT scans which cause sooo much radiation which can become damaging!

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