dreams come true

Exactly one year ago I received a Mother’s Day card. This exact card, actually:


I wept when Adam gave me this card. I wept for what I thought I would never have. The truth is that I’ve actually been a Mama for several years now, in my heart that is. I never dreamed I would get to be one in the flesh. Not even four months ago, a woman that was likely frightened and unsure came here….to our town and gave me the greatest gift I have and will ever receive.

I received another card today. It had Mama written on the outside. I wept when I read this one, too….for an entirely different reason. The beautiful woman that came here on January 21st helped make my dreams come true….just like the song says:

I know it is unlikely we will ever see this woman again…unlikely we will ever even speak, which we are at peace with. But I do know that there are birth mothers out there that may somehow have found my blog and I want these amazing, strong, selfless and beautiful women to know a few things.

My prayer for you today is that somehow, somewhere you are being loved on and cherished by someone the way that you should be. I pray that you know that we love you…in a way we never imagined we could. Everyone told us that the feelings we would have for a birth mother would feel different if we ever adopted. And, they were right. It isn’t the same kind of love that we have for Lainey or for our families. It is different. But, it is love and it will be there forever.

I pray that you know that we will only ever speak of you in a loving way. We will speak of your strength, your inner beauty, your courage and the tenderness you had when you explored every inch of Lainey before you gently placed her in our arms and gave her that one last kiss. You didn’t give Lainey up. You chose us! You did the right thing, and for that we thank you. I promise she is thriving and that we are loving on her every minute of every day. Our whole family cherishes her beyond what we could have ever imagined. I promise we will give her the world.

Please don’t hurt today from the decision you made on January 21st, for you made me a Mother! You made my dreams come true! Birth mother’s…all of you remember this….you made dreams come true!

And, so we can end with a smile…


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