Ending a great day with an even better party

A canvas photograph that is from their engagement pictures taken in Glacier National Park....St. Mary's Lake of course!

Linden and Jesse had decided from the beginning to go all out for their reception. On everything. The food was amazing. An italian feast of sorts. Everything was in black and white…gorgeous. They even got the crazy DJ package that included all of the bells and whistles….you know the one with the smoke that comes out on the dance floor? Overall, the DJ was good (would have been better had it not been for the 20 minutes of PURE PANIC when he realized his phone was dead, and “oops, by the way…that is where I have your first dance, father/daughter dance and mother of the groom stored” didn’t happen). Yeah, uh huh…he didn’t get real rave reviews from the fam after that. Simply because that was a bad move at such an elegant affair. Never fear, Adam had the cord he needed in his truck (did I ever tell you the story when I realized I didn’t have any veggies to go with our supper one night and Adam said casually, “oh, I have some canned corn in the car” and went and grabbed me a can”~the guy keeps the strangest things in his vehicles and they always seem to come in hand!

The party was great…we made it to the very last song. My favorite part though was when Linden, accompanied by a grand piano only serenaded Jesse. You see, she has a beautiful voice and is just amazing to listen to…she continued to sing all through college and in graduate school. It was a true gift to see and difficult for her to do, I am sure.  The next morning everyone, including the new married couple, had brunch and watched them open gifts before they took off for Fiji. A truly wonderful weekend, I  tell ya’.

Big brother Brett and his wife, Michelle

Perhaps Jesse's most profitable dollar dance...Jett flew in from back East. Jesse and he played ball together at PENN. What's up with the skirt, you may ask? Yeah, me too. Supposedly it is just kind of a joke that he does for "important" things. Never fear, though...the guy's a cutie!

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