“THE” photo booth

Jesse and Linden wanted a photo booth at their reception. It has kind of become a fun thing for people to have photo booths at their receptions but often times the photos are taken just for the couple and if the guests want to they can go on-line later to order their photo. Jesse posed the idea to Adam and being the computer guy that he is…Adam ran with it.

People watching the screen showing the people inside the booth. Also: the big black and white picutre of Jesse & Linden on the side was a surprise from Adam that he was able to get printed through his company too.

He made an awesome photo booth for their wedding. I had no idea what all would go into this project! Someone from the software division in his company helped him design the software for the booth. It is amazing. It has a screen on the outside so people walking by or standing there can see what the people in the booth are doing. Once in the booth you have the option of having your photo taken or taking a video message for the Bride & Groom. It prints out right after it takes your photo…he built a light into the top so there would be enough lighting.

Towards the end of the night...the couple themselves finally had a chance of their own!

Jesse and Linden had a logo that they designed and once Adam digitized it he added it to the photo booth cards so it was basically an AWESOME wedding favor.

The favor was an actual 4X6 photo greeting card size!

Uncle Adam & Calissa Jo

My older brother and his family

The groom's party got ready at the country club where the reception was held so naturally "played" with the booth before the wedding. Jesse, Adam, my older brother Brett and my sister's husband, Rick

me & mine

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  1. The photo booth was a big hit at the reception and was enjoyed by young and old. What a genius I have as a son in law. WELL DONE Adam

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