Love in the garden

I remember meeting Linden. They were in 10th grade. Adam and I were living in Montana at the time and it was winter/spring and I flew in as a surprise for Jesse during state wrestling. She seemed quiet. Very pretty. Tiny and small. Jesse isn’t (sorry brother but it’s the truth). Fast forward ten years:

Linden & Jesse’s wedding was outdoors and was actually held in Linden’s parents backyard. Now. Previous times I have been in the backyard and thought to myself, 250-300 people sitting here…..ahhhh, not gonna happen! This was to be an elaborate elegant event. With many in attendance.


Can I just say oh my goodness. Holy smokes. The place was gorgeous. Her father has a talent (a green-thumb for lack of a better term) for this sort of thing and it was magical. Puremagic. There were even a couple of small ponds with lilly pads and fish. The seating for the wedding guests extending out into their driveway which had fresh new white rock so was just perfect! I just can’t describe it. Was it hot? Yes. Very. But it was so beautiful and so very much what Linden envisioned (I think) and she glowed which made everything even more fabulous! There were bottles of water with their initials printed on them with the “ingrediants of marriage” printed onto them handed to guests as they arrived.

Rather than bubbles or bird seed, we threw the rose petals from all of the roses Jesse has given her over the years. There was a string quartet and they were married by “the Rev”; a wonderful man that we came to know as the “team pastor” for U of Penn when Jesse was playing Football. He flew in to marry them before he and his family leaves to go live in Paris indefinitely to be missionaries.

Later when I was dancing with Jesse at the wedding he told me he made himself look at the ground when the Bride’s procession was playing. He didn’t want to get “just a glimpse” of his bride. He waited until she was about just 10 seconds away and then looked up so he could see her in full view.

2 thoughts on “Love in the garden

  1. Jesse sounds like a quality man. I wish them the very, very best. They’ve got some rockin’ role models in you and Adam.

    And wow – you’re not kidding. What a gorgeous space they created. Beautiful day!

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