Well, hand-assembled is more like it. Geesh, just a mere year ago cuties like this could only be found at little boutiques. But no longer. Now you just go to your local craft store and voila! Except for the cute lil’ hat that is. That was made by a patient of mine back in Tecumseh. It was the only one I had remaining when I left there and it was always too small for the babies I delivered so was left over and since our great-niece is a preemie it works wonderfully!

I am sending these goodies off and then our hopes are to walk our niece, Adam’s Sister and Mom through some naked baby photos with them. This is only because photographer Uncle Adam isn’t there of course!! When Heather was at our house last summer she and her sister couldn’t get enough of a couple of books we have on our coffee table, one of which is Tracy Raver’s Sleeping Beauties (she is actually a Nebraska photographer).

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