Preservatives vs. No Preservatives: WEEK 2

DAY 14

As you can see the good ol’ Sara Lee that is full of preservatives is still a rockin’ (just like that french fry that you’d find between your seats would be too I am certain). Nasty. Well, so is the other too but the fact that the preservatives can fool us into thinking that the other is still fresh and fine to eat is scary to me.

At a friends idea from last week’s update I have emailed the preservative-free company and asked why I couldn’t find an expiration date on their product. Of course they’ll probably say it was right there under our noses.

3 thoughts on “Preservatives vs. No Preservatives: WEEK 2

  1. Again I inquire is this entertaining you two 🙂

    What is next weeks jolly????????????/

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