Mr tax man

So I took two days off this week to work solely on taxes. We do have a CPA, mind you but we can’t afford to just bring her three big boxes full of papers, receipts and what have you and say call us when you’re through. We’ve got to do as much of the work as possible before giving it to her-much cheaper this way! I think back to the days of sitting down one afternoon and using turbotax and being done. Voila.

No more. Adam drug in two eight foot tables for me and at times I covered every inch of them. Lets see…we’ve got my practice and home office expenses, the store, Adam’s computer business and Adam’s lawn/snow business. Sheesh.

Apparently there is a place you need to write down what you paid the IRS in back payments for the current tax year. I hadn’t kept really close track I just know we owed them a ton last year when we had our taxes done and have been paying them each month to try and get 2007 paid off. So, I had to call the IRS. The first time I called it said you will have a 10-15 minute wait and played some nice classical music. I put the phone on speakerphone and went on my way working on other things. Ten minutes later…click. Yep, hung up on me somehow-classic.

So, once again I called back. Only this time the connection was crackly so now the classical music wasn’t as nice. Ten minutes later some man with an accent answered. I think he was middleastern and was wearing a turbin. Don’t get me wrong though-really nice guy. He said “your phone is crackly”.  I said yeah-that or it may be yours and he proceeded to discuss with me how he wished the government would buy all of them blue tooth headsets because they always have their phones hooked to their heads.

Anyway-he got me the figure I needed and asked me if there was anything else he could do for me. I said no and he said… and I quote “don’t feel bad, Mrs. Carter-I will probably owe a little this year too on my taxes-not as much as you though. Have a nice day”.

Thank you mr turbin man.

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