My very own St. Louis Arch

My photo for the new clinic was taken by an older gentleman and his wife. They are the same couple that took the photos at the Fall Ball and have been doing photography in the area for years. When I arrived he asked me if there was anything about me he needed to know. I wasn’t for sure where he was heading with his question….the first thing that came to mind was my eyebrows. Not kidding. I told him that my sister and brothers and I tend to have an issue with our eyebrows shooting up in photos. He said, okay then and went to take the first photo and said very fast and with great wit, “oh my, yes….we do have a St. Louis Arch there, don’t we?!”. I am dead serious. He truly said that. And I laughed and laughed. At least I have a St. Louis Arch. My younger brother can look mean when his eyebrows act up, my older can look constipated, this is how mine can look….just plain ol’ uneven (and I do believe this fine gentleman did a lil’ work on my right St. Louis Arch before he printed this too):  oooooohh, and kudos to my CEO and the hospital for the gorgeous ad!!!

7 thoughts on “My very own St. Louis Arch

  1. Awesome! Good job!
    ……is this my reminder that next week is Nurse Practitioner week?

  2. I am soooooo happy for you guys, I knew you guys would be happy when you left, believe me, I know! 🙂 Miss you guys! Would do anything to have another date night with you guys!

  3. ha ha. Your eyebrows are so cute though!

    Great ad. And I know it’s true – you are an everyday hero to your patients! I can tell from the stories you tell and how concerned for them you are.

  4. Hahahahahaha!

    Say, I need your new address. I got your baby announcement returned. I’m not sure why it didn’t forward, but I want to send ya another, because they’re also my thank-you notes, and I want to get one to you!

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