The problem with sleeping on the floor

This home IS fully furnished, albeit the bed is a twin. So we brought our guest bedroom queen mattress for the month we are here and have it on the floor in the loft. We quickly discovered the problem with this when we had a bird’s eye view of our dogs’ beds. To them, we bought them another giganto dog bed with pillows and blankets. To them its fair game…I’m counting down the hours to Saturday morning when the Mayflower arrives and puts our bed together and I am up off of the floor away from the fur.

3 thoughts on “The problem with sleeping on the floor

  1. cute sometimes I guess…..I sat here tonite and watched Adam literally dancing with Kalia and thought….man, that guy really needs a kid~he looks like a dork dancing with a dog! Of course it would be much simpler if I would just get up and dance with him!

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