“Why I Hate Religion”

Adam showed this to me several months ago and I forgot about it until someone just posted it on facebook today. We both really like this as it is how we roll; the crux of what we believe. A church is simply a building—four walls with a roof. What happens inside it is what counts. Anybody can be a “Sunday Christian”. Anyone can “repeat after me”. It is how you live your life that truly counts. If you have Him in your heart.


3 thoughts on ““Why I Hate Religion”

  1. the main reason why…. he is pointing out the difference between Jesus and false religions. You should not put your faith/trust in religion (and people). He is saying that one can not trust in the religious traditions to save them. As for when he states that Jesus and religion are at different ends of the spectrum, he is talking about false religion, not the religion in James 1:27 (if that is what “crapface” is referring to).

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