Blessings of strength and courage

Gaunt, pale and tired appearing. Older than she is. Frail and sad. All appropriate words to describe Adam’s sister, his only sibling, for the past 10 years. We knew she wasn’t right in 2001 when she came with Adam’s Mom to my graduation from Creighton in Omaha. She was withdrawn and emaciated appearing. What followed was literally 10 years of instability.

Drugs.They almost ruined her.


Last September she voluntarily checked herself into rehab and came out a different person ready to face 2012. Adam and I both cried the first time we talked to her on the phone after she was out of rehab. She sounded like a different person. She sounded like she cared. Like she was interested in what we said. We had the pleasure of spending a day with her during our recent visit to Mississippi.

Beautiful, strong and healthy appearing. Happy with a new sense of living. This is how she is now. She is a joy to be with. She has new found faith in Jesus, having re-dedicated her life to Him. She attends outpatient rehab meetings and is active in her church. Unfortunately she cannot return home. As with any bad habit she must put that part of her life behind her which means not living in the same community as our family. A two hour drive, though is easy peasy just to see her knowing she is finally well. She still has her nursing license and is getting ready to enter the job force. Her kids, although they love Nana and Pawpaw, look forward to spending more time with their Mom.

It is interesting to feel a sense of peace when thinking of Tina now. While things are not going to be easy for her, we at least know she is healthy again. She is safe and well-nourished. She is leading a productive life once again and we no longer have the worry of getting “that phone call” that she is gone.

We are proud of her and we love her very much. She is beautiful. See for yourself:

Tina & Adam...painting pottery

Michael & Brenda Carter and Family



3 thoughts on “Blessings of strength and courage

  1. Tina looks awesome and is living proof there is a God out there to help those who believe in Him.
    I can confirm Shana’s view of Tina in Omaha 10 years ago. Scary scary sight.
    Thank God for Michael & Brenda and all they have had to endure thru the years as her parents and as the loving grandparents to her daughters and granddaughter. Their faith has truly carried them when it looked the bleakest. God Bless them all and keep them in His care.

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