Who do we call now?

She was always there. She was the one that always answered her phone. She always responded to your text message. I guess you could say she was the one person in my life (aside from Adam) that I could rely on answering her phone at any time. Sometimes late at night when I couldn’t sleep I could message her through skype to see if she was awake, too. She often was and we would just message one another back and forth until I was sleepy. She was the first one I wanted to call whenever something (good or bad) happened. She was the first to know about each of our babies, including Lainey.

Grandma and Lainey skyping for the first time

I think my siblings would agree that she was definitely our biggest cheerleader. It didn’t matter if we were wrong or right as in her eyes we were always right. We were her babies.

If you could look up a definition for MY Mother, it would simply say ‘strong’. Nothing ever came easy for her. She was essentially a single Mom to all of us, often working multiple jobs to care for us. Things at home weren’t always great. Life was often unkind to her. Her marriage to our Father was rough in every sense of the word. She was ever so faithful, however and didn’t give up on him easily.

She met her second Husband, Larry, five years ago and essentially began a new life. A life of security, kindness and love. A life where she was the center of his world. He would do anything for her and he did. Life was unkind again and took him from her last year. He fought so hard to stay with her and his passing was painful.

She was alone again. She spent the past 14 months deciding what to do next. Where to go. Who to live near. She was 67 years old and forced to start over once again. She packed her entire life into boxes, put it in storage and hit the road. She traveled a lot this past year. In fact, in the 6 weeks before her passing she drove almost 10,000 miles. She visited friends and family members all over the country. She went to the town in Illinois where she grew up. Each day, my siblings and I would get a picture of a state sign on the side of some interstate somewhere which was our clue to where our Mother currently was. Being alone didn’t phase her. She was strong.

3 thoughts on “Who do we call now?

  1. This entry is so poignant. She was a force. I was blessed to call her friend. Sharing grandchildren was a joy.

  2. She was so pretty, and WAY too young! I can’t believe God took her just when she’s getting settled and ready to watch her grandkids grow up! What’s that about, Lord?! Please help Shana and her siblings cope with this monumental loss. In Jesus Name.

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