a girl’s first time to the zoo

We took a long weekend and spent a couple of days at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. For those of you that have been, you know that it is HUGE. We haven’t been in years and were surprised at how many more exhibits there are. We were there both mornings at opening time and left early afternoon at nap time and quite honestly could have used a third day! Our gal LOVES animals. You’ll see in the pictures that she kissed as many as possible. We were (quite) literally washing off exhibit windows as we left where she had kissed. We have a lover!

We had been telling her for the week prior that we were going on an adventure! We would stay in a hotel, go swimming and see her cousin Madison play volleyball. She was excited…just because we were! Every night before bed we would show her youtube videos of zoo animals and we would make their funny noises to get ready!

We started our trip out watching cousin play volleyball!



The zoo was perfect, the weather was amazing and Lainey did great!



This was probably one of our favorite moments. We gave her one of the snack sticks to hold in the bird pavilion, not thinking a bird would EVER land on it! Welp! One did! I think the first photo clearly shows how she felt about the whole situation! Mama whispered in her ear to hold really still so the bird could eat and she did very good. We then told her to smile, which is the second picture!

img_20160904_101237738 img_20160904_101246686Her very first carousel EVER!

img_20160904_103405112 img_20160904_103953600

I love these next two pictures with her reflections in the glass!

img_20160904_111943431 img_20160904_112215118 img_20160905_092459203

And, of course the highlight for Mama’s trip!!!



One last kiss!

The hotel has a river flowing through it and at breakfast they gave her food to feed the fish. She LOVED it!


Adam and I joke that we might finally have our veterinarian of the family! Our girl sure loves animals of all kinds. Except for bugs. Definitely not bugs.

I hope to post again later this week. I’ll be having surgery and maybe a little free time on my hands so plan to catch up on a few things. #dreaming

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever. Ps 107:1

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