Lainey is busy. Insanely busy. Are all 22 month old’s like this? I mean seriously…I present example one: LAUNDRY Most of us have dirty laundry sitting in front of the washer while washing clothes. Lainey is sooooo helpful. She just loves to get in to the dryer and take out the clean, dry clothes for me. And, while she is at she loves to help out by putting the dirty clothes into the dryer. Such a sweetheart! Consequently, Mama has to smell everyone’s clothes to determine if they are clean or not. Nice.


For a long time she has thrown away her own diaper and for the last 6 weeks or so she has started to flush the toilet. Not sure why as she, herself, does not utilize said toilet. Regardless, on more than one occasion we have found diapers now in our toilets. These are great fun to remove.


We are working on manners. She is really good at thank you and please. Recently after her bath she was sitting naked on her hard wood floor in her bedroom. She had a really long loud toot. Of course, Daddy and I were trying really hard to not roll on the floor in laughter. I said, “Lainey, what do you say?”. She thought really hard and for a long time. Her response? “Bless you”. #needtoworkonthat


She has had two more reactions to cow’s milk. Boo! She had nothing from March to August. We were getting excited that she was growing out of it but then has reacted twice since then, once of the reactions was actually the worse she had since her very first when she was 8 months old. She’ll be seeing her allergist to be retested in December and I now imagine it will still be positive for a cow’s milk allergy. Needless to say, we all have really good cholesterol in this house. #pleasesendcheese

Halloween was super fun with her this year! We went to five houses and she was amazed that all of those people gave her treats!


Two months ago she had fun at Hay Days. She was a great parade watcher and carnival rider!

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She loves Ring Around the Rosie. She calls it ‘Ashes’. Daddy and Mama aren’t good enough, though. It has to be a family affiar, including Kalia and Tally. Thankfully she’ll let Daddy carry Tally and Kalia has learned how to “fall down”.


Clothing is definitely optional to her. We clearly hope this changes.




Do not be fooled, she does not like vegetables!



This stroller is literally on its last leg. She sucks her tummy in just so she can still fit herself into it!

She has baked with Mama twice now, both times mixing with her hands rather than the spoon. #wearefamily,right?


And, finally…do you remember the page in our Christmas card that was dedicated to all of her “what the heck?” faces. She still makes those very same faces. A lot, actually. We think she thinks we are crazy old parents, probably. At least that is what we think she is thinking when she gives us this look:


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