Abdiel Enoc Amaya


He was just a little boy when we chose him. The pictures he would send us were drawn from crayons and were your typical little kid drawings but over the years we could tell he grew up. His pictures turned to letters, instead and his writing matured. His face lengthened and he got tall. He wrote to tell us he loved soccer and that he wanted to be a doctor someday. He told us this many times. We even got a video from World Vision two years ago of him playing soccer for us and of him thanking us for his Birthday money. He got a new bed. This year he got new clothes. He is sixteen and graduated from high school. We thought/assumed he would continue on in school.


Last week I missed a call while seeing patients one afternoon. It was World Vision I think this is the ONLY time they have called us. They left a generic message that they had some important information for us regarding our child and that we should be sure to open the letter from them right away that would be arriving in the mail soon. I called the number right back and found out that Abdiel was no longer continuing his education and because of this, could no longer be in World Vision….and therefore, we could no longer sponsor him.

I was heartbroken. I wanted answers because just a few weeks ago in our last letter he still talked about going on in school. They were able to pull up the field report from El Salvador with a (few) more details stating that he either went to be with family to help them or his family moved. Either way, he had to move to an area where World Vision is not yet a part of, which is the reason we can no longer support him. We were very upset as we have a sincere desire in our heart for Abdiel and his family to succeed and to continue to have God in their lives. Furthermore, even if he is no longer in the World Vision “system” we would love to some how stay connected. I realize now that my thoughts that we may be able to be in contact with our sponsored child into his adult-hood were skewed and unrealistic all along. World Vision said we could try to reach out to him one last time and they could attempt to deliver a message to him and recommended we consider doing it through their email system as this would stand the chance to get there quickest. But, by that night, Abdiel wasn’t even in the World Vision system any longer for us to even email. It is amazing that within 24 hours we lost him. At least it feels like that. In a place where I am so very privileged (heck, my daughter is privileged and lacks for nothing!) we literally lost track of a person that holds a special place in our heart and will likely never have contact with him again.

We prayed for Abdiel and decided to write one last letter stating we wished to continue contact somehow and wanted to still support him and his family so that he can continue in school. We are hoping that one of the World Vision workers there in the field may be able to get it to one of his family members who may be able to get it to him…again, we realize this is unlikely.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”. Proverbs 22:6 ¬†We pray for this truth for Abdiel and we know we want to adopt/sponsor another child but are unsure of whether or not we want to go through World Vision or another entity. Does anyone reading this have experience they can share with us to help us make our decision?

And, of course…no blog post would be complete with out a little Lainey love. This girl of ours, I tell you what-we love her more every day:

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  1. I am so sorry. I really hope that you can find him. That’s really heartbreaking. We’ll keep hoping that someone will know someone that can get that letter to him.

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