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Look back with me, would you, to June…

I’d love to write that she is a Daddy’s girl but she isn’t. She’s both a Mama’s and Daddy’s girl. She’s already figured us out and seems to know what she’ll get from each of us. There is something special, though in seeing the love of my life holding our child. It’s easy to fall in love with him all over again. 

He sends silly pics of he and Lainey to me at work often!

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Father’s Day was low-key but special just the same because Adam is a Daddy now! Again, the year of dreams coming true has continued! He loves his days with her. He says he is the happiest now that he ever remembers being in his life. I always taught in Lamaze that Father’s should try to come up with something special that is for just between them and their babe and Adam knew this. He took off with sign language from the very beginning with Lainey. Research has well proven the benefits of signing with infants and toddlers so I think this is amazing but he is doing it for entirely different reasons! During Lainey’s feedings he wears an ear piece and watches videos to learn how to sign. His goal is for the two of them to actually use sign as a second language. I was told (very early on) that if I want to know (someday) what they are talking about in a restaurant I better follow along! It’s hard! I can only handle about one word a day but I’ve got to keep going so I know when they are talking about me when Lainey gets older!

I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop saying it. Lainey and I are the luckiest girls on earth. Adam will never stop loving us, never stop doing, giving, caring…I love being on this journey called parenthood with him.

Lainey received an incredible gift shortly before Father’s Day. From her birth father. When she was born we did not know who he was and therefore had no information regarding her paternal side. He came forward, however wanting Lainey to be able to someday know where she came from if she so desires to know. How wonderful to have this final piece of information for her! We all want to know where we came from. We all want to know our story. We will forever be thankful to her birth parents for her amazing gift of life. There are simply no words. None. We still pinch ourselves most days to be sure this life we are living is real!

Oh! And, if you follow Adam on Instagram…this isn’t “spiderman”-it’s the sign for I love you and he has decided to capture shots like this throughout Lainey’s life to someday give her a book!

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