Belly Busters UPDATE

Sadly, the Belly Busters are no more. It kind of reminds me of Survivor: The Biggest Loser has spoken and your team has been ousted.


They kindly recommended that I continue to do the weekly weigh-ins. Come to find out I was in second place for the over-all biggest loser and very close to being first. At first I was disappointed…I mean, how could I not be as I was going to go get a Snickers bar for lunch people┬ábut not if I had to keep weighing in. Yes, yes I know this is about life change, etc but I am very competitive and have been taking this very seriously so really was looking forward to that Snickers bar now that I was an official loser.

Alas however, my journey is continuing. Through next Wednesday, April 6th. At least I believe that is the final weigh-in. What will the overall biggest loser get? I think a big trip somewhere or something.

Nah, just teasing. A TV so I can sit down while I eat my Snickers bar. The irony of the situation is if I truly did win is that Adam and I haven’t had cable for two years now so what to do with another TV?!

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