Inventory and merchandise

This is a picture of available “lots” at a local cemetery. We spent the afternoon walking two different cemeteries. We were unimpressed by the first one before we even visited it because of simple wording. It is amazing how basic words can sting.

When we went to the funeral home a mere 48 hours after we found our Mom we were greeted much the same. Words like refrigeration and merchandise were thrown around casually as we sat there and cried. There was no sympathy. No empathy. None. We’ve never done this before so for all I know this is normal but I doubt it. It was as if he was desensitized to our reality from too many years of dealing with death every day.

When inquiring about the first cemetery we were given a list of all of the available “inventory”. We know now that the “inventory” is a plot (or a “lot” if you listen to the second cemetery). In the back corner is a huge pile of dirt with a backhoe not far away. Concrete casket vaults were stacked as well. The least they could do is plant a few trees to help discretely hide some of this.

The second cemetery was better. There were hills, trees and benches. The entire process is bizarre, though. It is surreal talking to a complete stranger about burying ourselves on top of each other vs next to one another. We are considering purchasing multiple plots/lots to create a family area so someday we can be by each other and with our Mom. They ask you how many spaces you need like you would ask how many bedrooms you need in a house. Like I said….totally bizarre. There is definitely a lot to be said about making these decisions now for your future family (our children). Talk about making their grieving process easier.

We topped the day off with a fun visit to the storage unit that houses my Mom’s furniture. Good times. Good times. 


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