Baby Carter

Five years ago today we lost our first baby. Little did we know that we would go on to lose three more. DNA testing wasnt done in the first two and therefore we do not know their gender. Our last two babies were girls that we named Noellle and Lainey. Noelle had trisomy 17 but Lainey was healthy. Endometriosis sucks.

At the time, these losses were horrifying but now we understand more of what Gods plan was all along. And, I’ll be honest….I would go through all the heartache again just to get my Lainey.


1 thought on “Baby Carter

  1. god has his own timeline…and we just have to trust him…so very hard at times but you and adam have the best smiles on your faces anytime you are in a picture with Lainey…it just shows how very happy and blessed you are…

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