status-post first ZUMBA class

I cannot comment now as I am resuscitating myself, although I will say it was a blast and Adam took this lovely photo of how red my face was when I got home (note: AFTER I was already home so I am sure it was already toned down a bit!).

p.s. I am absolutely terrified to wake-up tomorrow in fear of what may hurt on my body…

4 thoughts on “status-post first ZUMBA class

  1. Yes, and let me just say it now…..our family has no rhythm whatsoever. No dancing with the stars in the future for any of us. No coordination. I’m was thrilled I didn’t fall on my face by tripping over my own feet.

  2. Man, oh man…the first class was very intense for me anyways because I haven’t been doing a lot of cardio. But after that first class not it is just great fun! I am starting to remember the moves and still getting the exercise. It is good, though for you because it is a solid 60 minutes straight. And, there are women of all shapes and sizes there and we are all sweatin’ it up!

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