Wedding fun

A family friend got married a couple of weekends ago in Omaha and baby Brother and his Wife flew in for the event as he was the Best Man. It was the first time we got to see the two of them since their wedding last August so we took a long weekend and got reservations and stayed in Omaha to join in the fun. It was a wonderful time. I sure do wish we lived closer to boy and Linden. I love them both dearly.

The wedding was that of a junior high friend of Jesse’s, Bryson to a beauty named Rachel. We have kept in touch with Bryson and his family through the years. A wonderful family and Rachel is a great match for Bryson.

The Bride's shoes....

My Love and I

Boy trying to outdance sister

 I actually framed this photo and have it on my desk in my office: 

Jesse, Linden, Adam and our best (....and no, I can't touch my nose with my tongue)

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