Women’s Health Luncheon-(quick recap)

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So I know it was forever ago but I did promise I would write about how it went. I was terrified. Absolutely horrified. If I liberally used profanity it would be undoubtedly inserted here. I was that scared. That morning when I rounded seeing patients at the hospital before clinic the director of nursing stopped me and asked if I was ready. Heck yeah! That was my story that I was sticking to as of 8:30 am but then she told me about how once when Miss Nebraska came to speak at the luncheon one year she performed a piano concerto.

I stared blankly….I had nothin’. Nada. I began to picture Sandra Bullock in that movie where she pretends to be in the beauty pageant and is playing music on water goblets. I’m thinking to myself~how hard could that be? Maybe that could be my talent.

9:00am~I’m sitting in my suv behind the clinic about to puke and my nurse texts me as she knows me so very well. “If you are sitting in your car freaking out come in so at least I can help you through this”. In I went to discuss my lack of talent.

Noon~It all starts. It went amazing. My nurses told me I was very pale at the beginning but as soon as I got my rubber duckies  (oh…yes, I did complete with stories and all~made a great ice breaker!) and set them out all around me my color came back and I was fine from there. I could feel that I had the audience’s attention the entire time which was great and I knew the content (bones, calcium, vit d, osteoporosis, etc) as it is an everyday thing for me in medicine so I was able to walk around while I spoke so I think that helped with my nerves. There were many questions afterwards, someone even asked about my Husband! ALL the comments were good. I received thank you cards in the mail (go figure~and I did no talent show and didn’t do the talk on sex like initially contemplated!!!).


I don’t want to ever do that again. Never. Ever. Even though there were 150 people that may have thought I seemed like a natural speaker~nope. Not me. The scary thing is that I have heard it from several people and my primary nurse has too that they are already thinking of asking me to speak again next year since all of the women enjoyed me so much.

No, thank you.

Janna (my every-day-but-Tuesday nurse), myself and Renee (my Tuesday nurse)

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  1. Great to hear, Shana!! Thanks for the update (er…a couple weeks ago – sorry, catching up on blogs now that we have internet).

    Now then, are you SURE you didn’t leave out the part where your nerves got to you so bad that you started giggling and then wetting your pants? Or maybe that would’ve only happened if there were several of us co-speaking and co-being-nervous. ha ha ha.

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