What am I?

At the beginning of the summer there was nothing here and quickly this vine started shooting up around our mailbox. We’ve helped it (barely) with two twist-ties. This week these gorgeous flowers appeared. Anyone know what this is? I love it!!! (and kind of want to make sure I don’t kill it like I do most other plant-like things)

7 thoughts on “What am I?

  1. It’s lovely, whatever it is!

    p.s. Did you ever get my email that I sent while we were in Montana? I never heard back and am wondering if I used an old email address… hhmmmmm…

  2. I’m still not completely sure, but I think it’s possibly a Clematis.

    According to the Wilson Bro’s Nursery, there are only two purple flowering vines that grow in your USDA Region (5).

  3. It most certainly looks like it, doesn’t it?!! I LOVE how it says it is “low maintenance”~YAY! Maybe it stands a chance!

    By the way, Adam told me about having the post tagged under Cozad with our mailbox number. Go figure! That is totally not something I would EVER think of. I’m not blonde, either-just should be more careful!!!! 😉

  4. Tae-another friend just confirmed that it is a Clematis so you are right!!!!

  5. I’m glad that was what it was (I hate giving incorrect info 😛 ) Also, as Adam can confirm, I’m very interested in security and privacy.

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