strange coincidences leading to reassuring thoughts

Remember my duckies? How I have been using them as kind of a visual to remind myself to let things slide….slide of my back, keep afloat ya’ might say. I have this one duck that I keep finding on the floor. ALL the stinking time. In my office at the clinic of all places. And as you can imagine these past several weeks have been wearing, ie: saying goodbye to such special and very loved patients/friends. It seems that day in and day out I come in to the clinic and I find this stupid duck that is normally sitting to the right of my computer on the floor.

Last weekend Adam and I went to Cozad to look at a home (the one we are buying by the way: woot, woot!!!) and as we were driving to the hotel we decided to treat ourselves to (normally we would have driven back to Tecumseh in the middle of the night) I told Adam about this stupid duck and how I think it just means that I am done. Ca-put. Over-with. Finished. Officially sunk.

Then we pull up to this random hotel we chose to stay at and we see all of these people EVERYWHERE. Like a huge party was going on. And there was. It was the hotel grand-opening. There were balloons, food, games, you name it. They were so excited to check us in it was awesome. This is what we saw when we pulled up at the party:

After we checked in we went to our “never-slept-in” room, which was beautiful. Adam walked into the bathroom and broke into laughter because this is what he saw:

Not only is there a duck….but it is a nurse. Yes, we took the duck home with us. Adam said he didn’t care what they charged us as it is worth it to remind me that maybe I’m not quite sunk yet!

In the end of May we made this life changing decision and I would be lying if I said I haven’t been frightened since. But I would also be lying if God hasn’t opened doors one after another for us and also shown us repetitively that we have made the right decisions.

To start with we hadn’t even barely come to the conclusion between ourselves that we were going to start thinking about moving elsewhere and a couple of job opportunities that were right up my alley surfaced….one near my sister. Another thing that happened, my partner, and dear friend, also decided to leave our practice…making it more difficult for me to imagine staying in the practice long-term. Next, my mother who was living with us at the time started contemplating more and more about moving to Florida to take care of my Pepe (which she has since done)…and although I wish she were here I now know she is settled.

The job I took felt “right”. The CEO seems kind. While I know there are politics everywhere and no where is perfect the clinic and hospital seem like they will be a good fit. All of the providers are under the age of 40. I will have my own nurse who seems so wonderful. The community is three times bigger than Tecumseh which is what we wanted but is still small. In fact for those of you that know of it, it is the size Whitefish was when we were growing up.

We have only been in our home for 3 years and have put $85,000 into it, mostly out of our pockets as we went but some onto the mortgage so I knew exactly what we needed to pay off the mortgage. It seems NO homes sell here, at least lately. Ours did….in 16 days and for the price we needed. Next hurdle was if it would appraise for what it would need to which is $60,000 more than what we purchased it for only 3 years ago (in this economy…aaaccckkk!!!)….it DID!

What about a job for Adam? We didn’t know what to do. Guess what? His employer decided to let him work from home. He currently spends over 10 hours per week in the car commuting.

Where will we live there? The first home we thought we were in love with we prayed about and for some reason it didn’t feel right so we decided against it….knowing it would mean we wouldn’t have anywhere to live when I had to start my job. The realtor over there said she would keep thinking as there was nothing else in the size range that nice on the market. She thought of a house that was on the market a year ago that never sold and went to the owners to see if they would be interested and they were. It is $20,000 less and fits us better. There is a huge home office for Adam. No we can’t get into it on the first of the month when we are there but guess what? More blessings: our realtor over there has a home she uses for situations just like this. Where a buyer is in between and has no where to go. It is fully stocked with dishes/towels, etc and we will stay there rent-free until October 29th.

So while we have been on somewhat of an emotional roller-coaster ride it is as if once we saw what God wanted us to do with our lives and let Him lead the way the path has been actually fairly clear. I thought I was sunk for a little bit and then He reminded me I was not and we laughed and laughed. Here are a couple of pictures of our new home:

5 thoughts on “strange coincidences leading to reassuring thoughts

  1. Shana…what a beautiful home…so incredibly beautiful!!! I am truly so very happy for you!! Kind of in a “rut” or feeling “sunk” myself here lately, so may just have to get myself a couple of ducks, too!! ha!! Had to take Kade in today…positive for strep…missed you dearly, as you know…but tears of joy for your happiness! 🙂

  2. Please keep in touch with me, Tracy about conferences you may go to. Although it is quite further to drive now, I may still be able. Try the ducks…their hilarious!!! xoxo

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