I received this from my Uncle this morning and I think we should all watch it. Think twice the next time you are quickly scribbling a note and write xmas instead of Christmas and like the guy says in the video the next time you go to order a latte and they say “Happy Holidays” maybe you could say something. I like the comment about Valentine’s day. We don’t say “Happy Holidays” to people on Valentine’s day.

Celebrating our Independence…

The 4th of July was an amazing time when I was growing up. My siblings and mother and father would pile into the ole’ station wagon and go on a road trip to buy illegal fireworks every year. I even remember the year the police came and as a small child I thought they were arresting my dad…I think all they really did was take away all of the illegal contraband. Awesome memory!

Last night we attended an annual fireworks event in our little town that has been hosted by a local service station for 50 years. The service station is called M&M and the thing I love about this show is that it is held right next door to the station…the gas station. Of course my simple mind thinks…hmmm, fireworks and gas….maybe not a good combo but Adam assured me that it was perfectly safe. And truthfully the gentleman putting on the show do have it down to a science. It was fabulous to say the least!

In light of recent events in our community they held a free-will offerring bbq before the show and the turnout was awesome. They had huge speakers turned up and played patriotic music during the display. When the National Anthem played everyone watching stood and the men took their hats off~very moving.

At the conclusion of the display they announced the new name for the firework show: The Annual M&M Supply Dickie Parrish Fireworks Extravaganza. It will be held each year in honor of this young fireman we lost this past week.

Tonite Adam and I had our own little fireworks here at home. Nothing to get excited about for sure but we definitely upheld tradition. Since I can remember my firework of choice has been the hen. You know, the hen that shoots out sparks and then squeals like a pig at the end. The best!!! So, my amazing husband surprised me with three of my own little hens to light off tonite…plus some sparklers (what is the 4th without those!).

2009_07_04 070

Note how it says "emits flaming pellets"

Note how it says "emits flaming pellets"

2009_07_04 078

Note the flaming pellets

Note the flaming pellets

All in all, I am very thankful for our freedom. We should all be thankful for those in the military, past and present. Without them we could be in a situation similar to Iran, etc. I also must say as I go to bed this evening that I am glad that North Korea didn’t fire a missile at Hawaii today as apparently there was some concerns this could occur. Talk about crazy! What is up with them…aaccckkk!