I ran home at lunch to potty the dogs today and discovered this:

Nice, isn’t it?! This is going from the main entryway into our office. When our home was built the entire main level was carpeted and the owners opted to have oak flooring put in the entryway, 1/2 bath, kitchen and dining rooms. Which we love. We really, really do but the carpet in the office and living room is in really good condition so while Adam (especially) loves wood floors and we BRIEFLY discussed having the remaining floors done we decided against this unnecessary expense.

Thanks to one of the dogs we will now be going forward with these unwanted plans. Grrrrr….. Can’t they just chew on their raw hides?!?!

2011 Fall Ball

Last Saturday night was this year’s Fall Ball, held by the Cozad Hospital Foundation. This is an annual event meant to honor several people that are inducted into the Healthcare Hall of Fame in addition to fundraising. You may remember that last year I compared it to “prom for adults”. It was, once again, gorgeous. Wonderful food and company and the speaker was fantastic. Having never heard of him I was not sure what to expect but he was absolutely inspiring. Steve Siemens is known as a “people-builder”. I can see why. I want to share with you a few things that I took home from his talk:

  • DIE LIVING (word!)
  • The more you give, the more you live
  • Live with enthusiasm
  • Live with loyalty
  • Live with passion
  • We were born to make a difference
  • Commitment, dedication & loyalty LEAD TO excellence, enthusiasm & passion

Miss Holly

Holly & Kalia (oh, and Adam, too)


When we moved here we planned on putting up one of those fancy white solid privacy fences in the back yard so the dogs could have the run of the place. We quickly noticed that no one in this neighborhood had fences. No. One. And people have dogs. Big and little ones. As we met our neighbors we would casually mention our plans to install this fence and would receive comments such as “oh no, really?” or “really? I really don’t likeĀ fences.” or my favorite was the most popular by far where the person would just look at us blankly and say “hmmmmm”.

We decided obviously this neighborhood isn’t a “fence” neighborhood, whatever that means. Remember this was right before winter when we moved in and all we knew is we had to figure something out so the dogs had a way to at least enjoy the outdoors without being on a leash. We decided to do an underground wired fence, which Adam installed. The dogs where these collars and when they get too close they here a warning beep and if they get to their boundary they will actually get shocked which sucks quite frankly. They have broken through it a couple of times, usually to chase a rabbit and when they do it they are running so fast they don’t get shocked. It only works if they leisurely cross it.

Fast forward to this spring and we think we have it figured out now~the whole no-fence in the neighborhood thing (hey-that could be a song). We are seeing kids playing across yards. Football games across two, even three back yard spans. Kids run through back yards to get to other houses. Our fence would have stopped that “openness” which I appreciate much more now.

The dogs usually don’t sleep in our bedroom but it has been a really stormy week so we took their collars off so we didn’t hear them itching all night and let them in the other night. Adam was gone the next day and I was too lazy to put them back on. Go figure. This is what we came home to:

Kind of reminds us of when we got our first pup, Hastings (Gosh, we miss that gal). We went to a bookstore and bought a hard-back book about how to train a puppy and the first time we left her alone we came home and the book was shredded to pieces. Pets. Heh heh. We think we are their masters. Yeah, right.