They’re baaack….

My mom’s cats have been staying with us again. Remember Philly? And his weight problem? I just thought I’d give you an updated picture of sweet Philly. Sadly he has fallen off of the horse as far as his diet goes and no, I did not weigh him~I’ve decided to let the guy keep his pride. Poor thing. We are, however concerned about his bum area (he still can’t reach there very well…and we are NOT…I REPEAT N-O-T GOING THERE AGAIN) so he has a hair appointment this next week to get it all buzzed off! I must say one last thing…this cat is the most lover of a cat ever:

Nana’s Angels

If you remember in my earlier post about my nana’s angels I had decided to start my own collection. Because I am 33 years behind I anticipated on taking about two years to collect them. Not only that some of them cost upwards of $200 each. Ebay is how I was going to get them and how I had gotten the few that I already had. On Christmas Eve the first gift I opened from my mom was one of the angels. She knew I wanted to start collecting them so I didn’t think much of it. The second one was as well. Then I opened a box that had about eight angels in it. Then it dawned on me and I started to cry. My mom wasn’t with us on Christmas Eve this year. She was in Florida helping take care of my Pepe this being the first Christmas without my Nana.

My mom got me the entire 33 years of the angels. Every one. She spent hours and hours on ebay and now I learn she was bidding against me at times to win some of the angels to be able to give them to me as a gift. The only one I am missing is 2006 which is VERY hard to come by is it was their 30 year anniversary but my mom has found one since she has been in Florida and will be bringing it home to me to complete my set! ***great big smiles***



I’m not the only one. My sister heard of my idea and decided to get one of my Nana’s angels for each of the years that her kids were born…just six, knowing that collecting all 33 would be too expensive. So, she got onto ebay in the past few weeks and got her six. Just her way of having a little piece of Nana’s angels I guess. My mom did the same for her as well. All 33.

My brother’s wife as well. My baby brother’s fiance’ too.

Thank you, mother for the best gift I have ever received. I love you for it.

Thankfully it wasn’t a bomb

Funny thing happened Monday night at my baby brother’s house in Montana where my mom is helping him remodel/clean, etc. My brother was 30 minutes away working and my mom was at his house and a loud buzzing sound started scaring her…

Mom (calling Jesse): there’s a noise, I’m afraid it’s a bomb. It won’t stop.

Jesse: What?!

Mom: come home now!

…a VERY brief time later after Jesse raced home

Jesse: Mothhheerrr!!! You knocked over my stud finder and it is leaning against a stud.

ha ha…I can just see my mom freaked out all because she knocked over the stud finder while cleaning!

Oh, Crappy Day

I just need to say I had a crappy day today. And, I love my mom. Weird, I know to write those two sentences back to back.

We checked out of the hotel this morning (STAYCATION OFFICIALLY OVER!), I had an abused patient this morning in the clinic, I picked Kalia up in Omaha as I mentioned below and money is NOT GOOD right now and then I just had a run-in with someone puking up spaghetti (sorry for the visual but that is what happens in medicine).

And, we are now at home as I mentioned. The SAME home that I love at times but despise at others, such as now. I look around and wonder what did we do? Why did we buy this place? And, how has my mother kept it in her to come here each day to help us with it? She is here early in the morning and staying until late in the evening. She is working, cleaning, fixing, loving…whatever she can do and all I could do tonite when she left is cry.

So, I end this day with a prayer to God for strength. Strength for my patients that are weak. Strength for my family, especially my husband and my mother. And, strength for me so I don’t give up because I REALLY want to.

Cleola Mae (Coe) Betten~My Nana

I have blogged about my Nana’s cancer battle in the past months. Well, she lost her valiant battle on the 5th. There are a few things I want to share…

My mom

My amazing mother. Wow. She was by my Nana’s side for five months straight. From the week she was diagnosed until the end. She came home to Nebraska for six days ONCE only and it was for a doctors appointment of her own. She was my Nana’s primary care giver and lived, ate, breathed for Nana. I can say with definite certainty that Nana would not have lived as long as she did had my mother not been there. Some may wonder if Nana sufferred longer than necessary because of this but NO..she did not. She was strong, did not hurt or suffer until the very last 10 days. She lived for another mother’s day…which in itself is awesome as she was a mother of nine! My mom watched her mom die. Wow~can you imagine how painful this must be. Nana was only really uncomfortable for less than a week and hospice was there to help. It is amazing how when it was really did go quick. For those there by my Nana’s side day in and day out that week, I know it seemed tortuously slow.

Most definitely the most important thing my mother accomplished during her time in Florida was helping to lead my Nana back to Christ. I can’t wait to see her again one day in that awesome Kingdom of God.

My brother

My baby brother. A pillar of strength. Jesse just happened to be down in Florida for a job interview the day after they put Nana on hospice…exactly one week before she passed. He decided to stay to be with my mom. He was amazing. He was a rock for her to lean on and also I am told was a key player in caring for Nana, especially in the last couple of days. He prayed over her with the family. Just minutes before she died he sang a song to her that she taught all of us kids. He sang this to her for “us”-the four of us. He held her hand while she took her last breath, literally. He said he held it to keep it warm for “us”-the four of us. Having 9 children, you can bet the dynamics surrounding her passing were difficult to boot. My brother was a neutral “advisor” per se to my mother through these times as well.

“Being together” at the right time

Although we were not all in Florida when she actually passed we were together spiritually. Jesse kept us VERY up to date on Nana’s status. He spoke to us the night before she passed and said he thought it would be soon. He actually text messaged my siblings and I exactly one hour prior to her passing saying it will be soon now…pray for Nana (this was shortly after 7am for my sister and I here in Nebraska, 6am for my brother in Montana). I am sure we all did what Adam and I did-thinking of Nana, my mom, my brother and prayed, cried, etc..until we got the call from him exactly one hour later that she was gone.

Celebrating as a family

As mentioned Nana and Pepe had nine children, TONS of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. With all of these people, our family has been immensely blessed. Nana is the first one to pass in our family. Funerals are a foreign thing to us-but hers was beautiful. Her eulogy was amazing. Perhaps one of the most important things in life to my Nana was Christmas. She lived for it. She spoiled each and every one of us EVERY year. Her funeral ended with the priest asking the entire family to come up and place a hand on her casket and then a song began to play….a Christmas carol none the less. Her funeral ended with all of us singing Silent Night in her honor. This had to be a beautiful sight to see (I wish I had a picture!) as we were ALL there except for only 4 grandchildren. Otherwise, her entire family was present and accounted for~many hands resting on her casket.

My husband

Adam is crazy awesome with computers and has developed this site in honor of my Nana, check it out!