Carter Men

I know I have said it before but here I go at it again….I can confidently say I know what my Husband will look like as he ages. He now looks like his Dad did when we first started dating 20 years ago and I can glimpse into our future every time I peak at photos of his Dad and Pawpaw. Basically, he’ll be good lookin’ forever. đŸ˜‰

Pawpaw singing worship songs to Adam & I

Celebrating Adam's Father's Birthday (whoa-mouthful!!)


Sad portrayal of what happens when you eat too many Goodhumor bars (literally)...Diabetes can creep up on you quickly!!! Insulin=ability to have a small piece of cake!


Fancy plus an awesome ice cream cone

When driving to Idaho a couple of weeks ago we saw signs for miles imploring us to stop at Little America in Wyoming. It was kind of like when you drive to South Dakota and are inundated with Wall Drug signs every 2.6 miles. We figured it was some little town but come to find out it is simply a glorified truck stop. Not just any truck stop. One that has been awarded the prestigious penguin award. Not sure what that means but it is their mascot and as I have always wanted my very own pet penguin it intrigued me.

It actually is a cute little place. Apparently it is a “census designated place” which I take to mean that enough people wrote down that they were from Little America, WY that they have to identify it as an actual place of residence. There is a fancy hotel that decades ago started with less than a dozen rooms and now has 140. It has three restaurants from sit-down to order-out type places and several gift shops. We especially dig these sunnies:

Probably the best thing about this place, though….I imagine for families traveling with lil ‘uns it is a welcome haven of peace. There is a nice playground that was full of kids while adults were looking on with the “gosh, I hope this tires them out” looks on their faces. Had it not been for the ONLY FOR 12 AND UNDER sign we would have partook our share. Drats.

We did have one of their famous ice cream cones that they baited us with for 257 miles! We both agreed they were the tallest ice cream cone we ever did have….that there must take practice, folks!


Cirque du Soleil addicts

We are. Addicted to Cirque du Soleil, that is. And have been for 8 years now. Any traveling show we can get to we do. We love it! We went to Wintuk in NYC at Madison Square Gardens…a boy’s quest to find snow. It was a good one. We really enjoyed La Nouba at Walt Disney World as there were a lot of children actually in the show. Some of the traveling shows we have been to include Corteo, Delirium, Saltimbanco and Alegria (this is all I can remember off hand). In Vegas we have seen Mystere’ twice as that is Adam’s absolute favorite (I love it, too!). We’ve seen O which is based on/in water so is really awesome and Ka which is based around fire. Ka was good but not good enough we’d go see again. Love. Ahhhh, Love. That is by far my favorite. The first time we saw it several years ago when it first came out we didn’t understand any of it. It is based  on the Beatles. Now we know why we didn’t understand it. It was all sex, drugs and rock and roll then! But the music-oh, the music and the show was fabulous so I knew that on this trip that was the one thing I definitely wanted to do again was go to Love one more time. So, we did. And it was even better this time around!

Sadly, Cirque du Soleil disappointed us, though. We had been anticipating the new show Elvis. And I mean anticipating it very much so as in Adam grew up right next to Graceland and we spend A LOT OF MONEY on good tickets for this show. It was horrible. The only thing they DID do right was tell the story of his life. Otherwise they slaughtered his music. I shouldn’t put it like that, I guess but it just wasn’t done right. They had other people singing his music instead of using his own tracks (like they did with the Beatles). It was just so so disappointing. So NOT Cirque du Soleil. Directed very poorly. And, oddly I know that his daughter approved it because I remember reading that somewhere.

Anyways, I have my eye on a show coming to Denver next winter….road trip?

Bellagio’s Botanical Gardens

Each time we go to Vegas we are sure to visit the gardens at the Bellagio. They always amaze us. I believe they change them at least four times a year, with each season. The only season we haven’t seen is Christmas but my sister has and it sounded really awesome! It is an all indoor garden where pretty much everything that can be is made out of fresh flowers or plants. There are always live birds, too. There are water fountains shooting over the walkways. This most recent trip was right before July 4th so it was commemorative of the U.S. of course. We had fun and took some silly photos this time around….

Even their little vests are made out of on the photo to see!