Linden & Jesse’s Wedding Rehearsal Party

Linden & I

After the rehearsal we had a humongo party for everyone that was in the wedding but also everyone that had come from out of town for the wedding so we had about 150ish people. It was so great. One goal Linden and my brother set out in the beginning is that they didn’t want us to work. It was wonderful. This allowed us to enjoy EVERY moment of the entire weekend without having to worry about getting whatever needed to be done next.

Brother and "his girls"

kudos to my Mama....she came up with all of the decoration ideas, etc....she thought of EVERYthing!!

All the nieces and nephews were there. There was music. The food was amazing. There was an open bar and my mom ordered stuff in from Montana to make Huckleberry Margaritas! Even now I wish that night was three times longer. I actually danced and danced and danced with Jesse and Linden and their friends. I had decided to try to keep up with these young ‘uns and it was very very fun.

Our nephew (and my Godson), Jackson









 But. I will say that at about 4am when I arose to use the ladies room for some reason my knees were killing me. It was then that I realized that maybe dancing barefoot for hours might do that when you are not a young ‘un??

At any rate, the rehearsal dinner was truly wonderful. Jesse and Linden are a classy couple and I love them both dearly. Adam loved his groomsman gift….of course baby brother being who he is, gave all of his guys a share of Berkshire Hathaway stock (Warren Buffet). The guys were all pretty stoked!

....a little stock anyone?

One final thing…remember when I said my Mom thought of everything? Well, check out the inside of the port-a-pot at the rehearsal party: wedding TP and candles!!!

Wedding Festivities

So, baby brother got married to a beautiful girl August 7th. They are in Fiji now and the four day wedding celebration was fabulous. I have much to share and many photos to show and as you can imagine am also just a teeny bit busy so as I can I am going to do a post here and there about it. I also want to still share about our time with the girls. They were here for several weeks and it was a hoot!

To start with, EVERY wedding must have some sort of bachelor/ette gathering, shan’t it? Where you go out and make fools of yourselves. I remember for ours Adam went and played paintball….after they had a few drinks. He was a big ol’ bruise on our honeymoon. Real smart, dear. I wasn’t real involved with either of the parties rather had a very nice girls only supper at a nice restaurant with a cousin, my aunts, sister and sister-in-law and mom. Loved it. We did know, however that the guys were able to get a big ol’ fancy schmancy limo and the girls did NOT.

So. Being the girls that we are, we thought…..that just IS NOT FAIR. No sirree. What to do, what to do? We split up in two different cars and decided to search for the limo. We knew the guys had to be in a bar or some other guy-type of place and let’s be honest, one cannot hide a limo that easily. It took awhile but guess who found it?! Yep: Mama of the groom!

Mom shortly after confiscating the limo

...some of the rest of us...

We hijacked the driver and took the limo to where we knew the girls were. I love this picture of Linden! I also sent this to the guys per cell phone to let them know we had their “ride”.

Now, while I hate to admit that my brother is even out of grade school yet, let alone of age to drink or be married or…whatever. I have to include this picture just so you can see the t-shirt he had on.  note to reader: cock head to left to read. (Oh, and Adam got in BIG trouble when he said…game over? Don’t you mean the game is just starting?)

Cake tasting and a little bonzai with the fam

My brother and his fiancee flew in the past weekend to do some wedding things (their date is August 7th). Their visit was VERY brief but we are just thankful we got to see them at all as it has been several months. We joined them in Grand Island on Sunday to do a lil’ cake tastin’ and all I have to say is…I want to know which tier has the red velvet at the wedding.

Jesse and the best mom in the whole wide world

Jesse, Adam and two hotties (named Linden and Shana)

We then joined Linden’s family at our most favoritest pizza place on planet earth…Bonzai Pizza. We haven’t been in years but we love it. I conned my brother to share a pizza with me that had ricotta cheese~yum yum yum!!! A little foosball and jukebox. All good. Jesse will be back next month for our niece’s graduation (yay!!!) and Linden in June for her first bridal shower (double yay!!).

The best pizza ever...Bonzai!