Preservatives vs. No Preservatives: WEEK 1

In reference to this post, here is an update for week one. First off we quickly realized that researchers we are NOT. After the first 24 hours the two pieces of bread were simply hard as rocks so we decided they needed to bagged; therefore we placed two new pieces of bread in bags. The same bread was used, etc only this time contained within a moist environment of its own of sorts.

We have long since tossed the ol’ Sara Lee (remember she expired on January 30, 2011). The Bran for Life bread (that suspiciously is lacking an expiration date???) is being stored in the fridge as it says it should be and Adam has been having his daily PB&J with it.

After one week, this is what we have folks:

There is one itsy mold spore on the bread that is preservative-free which does not surprise us at all. The other piece looks as fresh as it did when we put it in the baggie, albeit 15 days past the expiration date.

Preservatives vs. No Preservatives

Did you ever watch Super Size Me? If you haven’t, you need to. It is a documentary about how the obesity epidemic started in America. We watched it 5ish years ago and to this day we sing the theme song to eachother “McDooonalds, McDooonalds….Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut….Pizza Hut”. The funny thing is there are gestures that you make with your arms that go along with the song that we always do when we sing too. So, yeah…we look like idiots pretty much. But to say the documentary moved us is putting it lightly. It is kind of like The Business of Being Born. That one also effected us.

Okay, onto what I was talking about and by the way….Adam and I have yet to step into a McDonalds since watching that documentary which is crazy because Burger King and all of the other fast food joints are the same, I AM 100% SURE!!! I am getting to a point, not just ramblin’ I promise. Stick with me here for just a bit more. In the film they do a little study where they watch some foods for a long period of time to see if the mold, etc. For instance, we’ve ALL found that long lost french fry between our car seat, right? And, it looks the freakin’ same it did the day we bought it in the drive through. Am I correct?

So, Adam came home on Friday with this weird loaf of bread and it said “no preservatives” on it. I also have a loaf of good ol’ Sara Lee in the cupboard. We are going to do our own little study right here on East 17th Street in Cozad, America, people. YES. WE. ARE. I am so serious. Not even yankin’ your chain! ha ha. Anyway one thing that I found interesting is that we cannot find an expiration date on the “no preservatives” bag of bread. I find that a little odd, don’t you? Hmmmmm. The Sara Lee bread expired on January 30th~yes, I know I had expired bread in my cupboard (so shoot me). So, I don’t know I guess we’ll just periodically take a picture and update as we go and see which molds faster and if they start to smell too fast than we may have to nix the whole thing because we just don’t like smelly things. We’d never be good garbage men or good morticians or whatever other smelly things that people do.

WITH preservatives

NO preservatives

The subjects (will be kept at room temperature on top of our fridge-so the cats don't eat them!)

Trying it without television

So Adam and I have recently made some changes in our life. One of which is no television. I shouldn’t say no television because there are two flat screen tvs in this house, there is just no cable. The first couple of months have been not too bad. We use Netflix for movies so we always have a show available to watch if we want.

So far there have been two instances that we have missed having cable/satellite. First…supper time. We had fallen into this weird habit of watching Wheel of Fortune during supper time. I know, I know…it’s not like we are 70 or something but we kind of got hooked on Vanna and Pat. Our substitution: you can get the Price is Right online. But all I have to say about that is Drew Carey isn’t Bob Barker.

Secondly, sports. I’ve been saying all along that I am worried about football season. This is the one time of year that I WILL watch tv. Adam has reassured me that shows the games live so I’ve been placated with that. Today, however we ran into a “mini” road-block when I wanted to watch the Confederations Cup final between the US and Brazil…we could not find it ANYwhere online to watch. Adam finally found it on some site. It was kind of blurry-we were probably contributing to something illegal I am sure.

So, who knows how long this no tv thing will last. We’ll keep trying. Like I said, football season may be a breaking point. But, it is better for us. You don’t realize how often you just sit down in front of the tv just to sit down in front of the tv…to watch nothing in particular. What a waste. Plus, we are saving a ton of money.