Have I mentioned that I love love love blizzards?!

I do…love blizzards! We had another…that makes two this winter already. Yay for blizzards! Anyway, our clinic was open on Christmas Eve so our plan was to leave in the afternoon to head to Kearney to my sister’s and then come back on Saturday after Christmas. Thankfully the didn’t close the interstate before we got onto it! The bad weather started and we got out mid-afternoon Christmas Eve. The number of semis that were flipped on the interstate was amazing.

On our way to Kearney:


What I like in particular about this picture is the tree on the right that is bending in the wind as that IS Nebraska. It is always freaking windy here for pete’s sake.

We were going to come home earlier but I-80 was actually closed down for about a 35 mile stretch as was one of the back highways you need to take to get to Tecumseh where we live so we stayed an extra day and headed home today instead. There were still quite a few accidents on the interstate and some areas were still pure ice. There was one area on the westbound side of I-80 that was backed up for 3 1/2 miles from an accident…we’re very thankful to be home.


back highway to Tecumseh, one lane

almost home...you can see the top of the green Tecumseh sign!

almost home...you can see the top of the green Tecumseh sign!

We had an earthquake at our house last night, what’d you have?

For real. No joke. We were lying in bed working on the internet and the house literally shook. The dogs freaked and started running around and barking. It lasted just a brief few seconds. Adam said “My God, what was that!”. And, proceeded to search the house thinking something was falling apart. Then we thought maybe something blew up in town, maybe a train wrecked (I mean nothing this exciting has happened in Tecumseh since the inmate escaped from the maximum security Tecumseh State Correctional Institution three years ago~another great story)…then brilliant me had an aha moment! (CLICK ON THE PICTURE)


I went to the US earthquake page and wouldn’t ya know it…bam right there a big red square right over us! A 3.5 magnitude earthquake at 8:53 pm. The epicenter was about 18 miles east of our home. What is funny is that there have only been a dozen or so of these earthquakes in this area in the last couple of centuries I am told so here I am thinking there is big money to be made if someone would just make a shirt that said “I survived the 2009 Johnson County Earthquake!”. I mean come on people~talk about an extreme business opportunity!

Adam and I debated and went around and around about sleeping in the doorways last night for our safety in case there were aftershocks. I mean, ya never know!

By the way…it only took a little over 12 minutes for the “after shocks” per se to ricochet to Tokyo…Adam found this really cool…here is a picture of that:


Snow Days Rock

So we just had our first real blizzard since we moved here. Pretty exciting since we’ve been here for 6 1/2 years. IT. WAS. AWESOME. We were like little kids looking out the window all night last night and couldn’t go to sleep. Silly us. Adam was outside early early this morning taking pictures of the snow. It is times like this that we miss Montana a little more than usual.

Nothing against Nebraska folk, but the place literally shut down for all intensive purposes yesterday. It was GREAT!!! I mean literally shut down. Schools were closed Monday in pure anticipation of the storm. I went to deposit a check into our bank account yesterday afternoon and the bank was even closed! The pharmacies in town closed. It’s like time stood still for a bit. Now, don’t get me wrong….there was VERY heavy snow and it did get VERY windy last night. Rumor has it there was an ER call last night (thank goodness I wasn’t on call) and they couldn’t get the ambulance out of the ER bay so they had to get the guy in a truck! Our grand total snowfall was 14-15ish inches. Tons of drifts though, which are the bestest part of course.

Now today it is sunny and gorgeous out! Not a lick of wind. But I hear some schools are still closed tomorrow. Which brings me to my next point. As Adam and I lie last night listening to the wind we talked of growing up in the mountains in Montana and how we were NEVER and I mean NEVER were lucky enough to have a snow day. For those of you Montana folk reading this can verify this. I clearly recall one day when I was in 7th grade when we got one but it was because we got 3 feet of snow in a 24 hour time period otherwise, 2 feet of snow….too bad, get your butt to school. No snow days, end of story, period.

It was a totally different mind set out there. No one really cared if the roads were plowed or not…you just gave it a rip and off you went. We learned how to drive in the snow on the mountain roads. The harder it was snowing the better the skiing was.


I will say though that yesterday was AWESOME at work as most patients cancelled their appointments so I got all of my dictation caught up (sorry ms. transcriptionist) and some research stuff for a couple of patients I had been wanting to get to as well. It doesn’t matter how often you get them, snow days do rock…just like my Miss Holly above shows (who looovvveess the snow). She is so gleeful and running so fast that even Adam’s fancy camera action couldn’t catch her very clearly.