Lost in the delivery room

As you probably know I have a passion for obstetrics. This is most probably the highlight of my practice. I am blessed to be able to not only provide prenatal care to these women but when they go into labor I “get” to labor by their side with their support person. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a woman find her own rhythm to get through labor and to deliver an amazing baby.

I am also blessed to happen to have a partner that will allow me to deliver the child with his hands near of course! Maybe I was meant to be a nurse midwife. I’ve been looking into this even more as of recent and could possibly see this in the future (wayyyyy future!).

I have to, however question my ability after a recent dream. You see, I dreampt that I lost the laboring mother in the delivery room. I couldn’t find her. She was about to deliver and I was freaking to put it mildly. Well, one may ask…how can you lose a person in the delivery room?

That’s just it…she wasn’t an ordinary patient. The patient was a caterpillar. Yep! You read right. So, I bolted up from a dead sleep freaked out and could never fall back asleep. I mean..what the heck?! How could I not psychoanalyze myself a little (back to the ole’ freudian days). Later that morning when we were rounding and seeing patients at the hospital I told my partners about it. We happened to have a medical student and he was listening intently. After I told my story I looked at him and said, Danny-what do you think it means? His response was classic and fast…”maybe some of your patients are bugging you”.

End of story…Danny figured it out. Thanks, Danny.