And, the Mayflower departs….

The carnival men came again Monday morning bright and early and worked miracles!! Even though there were 6 of them it took 7 hours this time and I am told they loaded 11,600lbs (yes that is eleven thousand six hundred POUNDS!!!).

I DID get my desk cleaned off Sunday night finally and this is what the office VERY quickly looked like after the semi arrived!

I spent the rest of Monday sitting on the floor in different areas of the house finishing up paperwork and other odds-n-ends until the movers finished and the Mayflower departed with our worldly belongings. As they left they said, “see ya in a month!”. I guess it will be the same crew that will be delivering to our new home next month.

So we are now officially in Lincoln and I guess “in between”. The dogs are being boarded at the vet. I am being boarded at the hotel while Adam is working during the day. ūüôā We will be going to our realtor’s home where we will be at for October on Saturday and Adam will be transitioning to “working from home” on Monday and I at my new job on Monday!! I’m nervous~hope they like me! But more than anything (and it is because of this we know that we are doing everything that He wants us to…I am VERY excited for this change!).

And, they’re off…..

Never park your boat in a field and eating pizza should never be so hard: Adventures in moving

This morning Adam went to get “The Heartland”. This bad girl is none other than¬†the 1962 Whitehouse boat that my baby brother and Adam purchased at a very fine price off of Ebay a few years back. Let me be honest with you, people…the thing was a junker and my Mother and I looked at each other and then back at the boat and then back at each other~well, you get my drift. But the boys spent all summer fixing it up and by August she was a beaut! A bass boat, she was and we took her to Minnesota on vacation~all of us. The great thing is that it was Adam and Jesse’s thing ya know? It is neither one of their boats…it is both of theirs. I’m being honest here, too….it really did turn out nice. Complete with mood lighting, sound system, etc. Many¬†hours of enjoyment have been gained from The Heartland. Here are before and after photos. I cannot find an after photo right now other than this one of the two of them at sunset bass fishing. But the tranquil feeling that you get from just looking at that picture…..yep, that is just how good the boat looks too.

The problem though is that we have had her stored out on a friend’s property. Adam tells me this afternoon that he made a mental “note to self” to not park the boat next to a field next time. Apparently a mouse (this is what Adam says it was….who knows I thinking it could have been anything with teeth!!) ate anything that was of any¬†relation to paper in the boat and left it in pieces. Grrrrrr.

Lastly, who ever knew eating pizza could be so difficult. Once again I struck out on the food front. I have some plastic spoons and forks but that is it and thought, hmmm….frozen pizza; nice and easy, quick too! Until Adam carried them in and literally set them down in front of me like this and then asked if I had any ideas on how we were to cut them!

As you can see my desk is still a MESS so I am sorting through papers like a mad woman to get as much done as possible. Heck, who am I kidding~it’ll be done TONITE as the carnival workers will be here at 8am to take this exact desk away from me so I have NO choice!

Why don’t you have some toast with your mac-n-cheese: Adventures in moving

Monday was my last day at work here in Tecumseh. The week was a much needed blessing for me. I spent the time doing many things: resting, packing, grieving my patients and friendships, reading…oooohhhh and I got a massage!!! A long ago gift certificate from a wonderful friend that I had yet to use and it was heavenly!

Today, though the “packers” came from Mayflower. Now. Adam had already met them when he had gone to get me boxes, paper and tape and warned me that they were very nice but not what I may expect. Hmmmm?¬†When we found out it costs $2000 to store our stuff for a month we decided I would pack AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE ON¬†OUR OWN before they got here today to help save. My employer is covering up to a certain amount but eh! $2000, that’ll put ya’ over quick! Back to the packers….they were very nice. There¬†were four of them and¬†we decided to have them pack only breakables; dishes, pictures, etc but in our house that is A LOT!

I need to go back and elaborate a little more on why Adam said they may not be what I would expect. The only reason I can imagine why is that they¬†kind of remind me of the people that work¬†at the carnivals at county fairs….got me? But they were so nice, complementary about how they loved our house, very courteous, and man were they fast. ¬†2 1/2 hours and they were done! Bam. Over. Just goes to show that you NEVER judge a book by its cover! I asked if they wanted to come decorate our new house.

Even the "someday we'd love to have a baby" baby stuff is packed. And yes, the crib is together. We put it together and even made the bed with a crib set my sister gave us from Calissa Jo for when we were showing the house...and yes, I did cry when we made the bed. Pathetic as it is.

This move is a little more tricky than I wish because we are¬†having to pack for several different things. First, the realtor’s home that we will be staying in the month of October is not available yet so we will be staying in a hotel this next week so we¬†are packing for a week for then. Then we need to pack¬†only what need for the next month….what is NOT to go on the Mayflower truck Monday morning. Then there is a list of things that cannot go in any of the boxes that Mayflower takes that I guess just comes with us to the realtor’s house….like propane, 9 gallons of paint¬†and Miracle Grow (yay).¬† I bought groceries yesterday and specifically tried to stay away from perishables BUT forgot about things that require other things to be cooked. Like….a toaster to make toast as I casually told Adam he could have toast for breakfast. Or pasta (hmmm, no pots!). Just so you know, the realtor’s house is fully stocked and has all of these necessities…thank goodness!!!

Our living area after the 4-man tornado hit it. (let's face it, when ever people can get THAT much done that fast I am just plain jealous!)

Oh, and this was really fun. Tonite Holly, our escape artist dog¬†once again dug her way out underneath the privancy fence and it is¬†because of this that when our fence at the new house is built there will be¬†a tunnel of concrete installed under it¬†(yes, our backyard will kind of be like a mini-alcatraz for dogs!!).¬†As usual, we went after her. Adam did it this time and found her sopping wet with what else…..smelled like sewer or something equally fun. Being as efficient as I am trying to be I have only left out two towels for us. Anyways, thanks Holly for using up both of our towels for drying after we spent who knows how long bathing you.

Our disaster office....note the computer screen is on the Mayflower website list of "what you cannot pack" and look at all the paper and files I need to get through.....aaaaaggggghhhhh!

Next up: I guess a big truck/semi thingy will arrive here bright and early on Monday to take our stuff. Except what we need for next week, the next month and the list of what they said they will not take….I’m going to ask them if they are interested in Holly because she is up for grabs after tonite. Adam is working Monday so I guess I’ll just be here in the house by myself with the dogs and all of those papers to sort through and the computer as that stays with us (that goes in the we need in the next month pile you see, just to keep you straight). I won’t have any furniture, though but we are keeping our guest room queen mattress for the next month so we will have that.

And, then….Tuesday morning at 9am: appointment at the attorney’s office to officially sign over this home to it’s new family! xoxo

strange coincidences leading to reassuring thoughts

Remember my duckies? How I have been using them¬†as kind of a visual to remind myself to let things slide….slide of my back, keep afloat ya’ might say. I have this one duck that I keep finding on the floor. ALL the stinking time. In my office at the clinic of all places. And as you can imagine these past several weeks have been wearing, ie: saying goodbye to such special and very loved patients/friends. It seems that day in and day out I come in to the clinic and I find this stupid duck that is normally sitting to the right of my computer on the floor.

Last weekend Adam and I went to Cozad to look at a home (the one we are buying by the way: woot, woot!!!) and as we were driving to the hotel we decided to treat ourselves to (normally we would have driven back to Tecumseh in the middle of the night) I told Adam about this stupid duck and how I think it just means that I am done. Ca-put. Over-with. Finished. Officially sunk.

Then we pull up to this random hotel we chose to stay at and we see all of these people EVERYWHERE. Like a huge party was going on. And there was. It was the hotel grand-opening. There were balloons, food, games, you name it. They were so excited to check us in it was awesome. This is what we saw when we pulled up at the party:

After we checked in we went to our “never-slept-in” room, which was beautiful. Adam walked into the bathroom and broke into laughter because this is what he saw:

Not only is there a duck….but it is a nurse. Yes, we took the duck home with us. Adam said he didn’t care what they charged us as it is¬†worth it to remind me that maybe I’m not quite sunk yet!

In the end of May we made this life changing decision and I would be lying if I said I haven’t been frightened since. But I would also be lying if God hasn’t opened doors one after another for us and also shown us repetitively that we have made the right decisions.

To start with we hadn’t even barely come to the conclusion between ourselves that we were going to start thinking about moving elsewhere and a couple of job opportunities that were right up my alley surfaced….one near my sister. Another thing that happened, my partner, and dear friend, also decided to leave our practice…making it more difficult for me to imagine staying in the practice long-term. Next, my mother who was living with us at the time started contemplating more and more about moving to Florida to take care of my Pepe (which she has since done)…and although I wish she were here I now know she is settled.

The job I took felt “right”. The CEO seems kind. While I know there are politics everywhere and no where is perfect the clinic and hospital seem like they will be a good fit. All of the providers are under the age of 40. I will have my own nurse who seems so wonderful. The community is three times bigger than Tecumseh which is what we wanted but is still small. In fact for those of you that know of it, it is the size Whitefish was when we were growing up.

We have only been in our home for 3 years and have put $85,000 into it, mostly out of our pockets as we went but some onto the mortgage so I knew exactly what we needed to pay off the mortgage. It seems NO homes sell here, at least lately. Ours did….in 16 days and for the price we needed. Next hurdle was if it would appraise for what it would need to which is $60,000 more than what we purchased it for only 3 years ago (in this economy…aaaccckkk!!!)….it DID!

What about a job for Adam? We didn’t know what to do. Guess what? His employer decided to let him work from home. He currently spends over 10 hours per week in the car commuting.

Where will we live there? The first home we thought we were in love with we prayed about and for some reason it didn’t feel right so we decided against it….knowing it would mean we wouldn’t have anywhere to live when I had to start my job. The realtor over there said she would keep thinking as there was nothing else in the size range that nice on the market. She thought of a house that was on the market a year ago that never sold and went to the owners to see if they would be interested and they were. It is $20,000 less and fits us better. There is a huge home office for Adam. No we can’t get into it on¬†the first of the month when we are there but guess what? More blessings: our realtor over there has a home she uses for situations just like this. Where a buyer is in between and has no where to go. It is fully stocked with dishes/towels, etc and we will stay there rent-free until October 29th.

So while we have been on somewhat of an emotional roller-coaster ride it is as if once we saw what God wanted us to do with our lives and let Him lead the way the path has been actually fairly clear. I thought I was sunk for a little bit and then He reminded me I was not and we laughed and laughed. Here are a couple of pictures of our new home: