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So, we know God is amazing, right? There are so many faith-affirming things happening in our lives currently….and many lessons, too. I am learning so much. Not only about my faith but about who I am and who I can and should be. I have always been a planner and liked to do things “just so”. Adam teases me that if a balloon came with directions on how to blow it up I would make sure to read them every time in case they change! Well, Miss Lainey’s “abrupt” arrival taught me that I don’t have to plan everything. While it is nice, it is just a bonus…not a necessity. A pretty nursery is not what it is about. I used to have (and still do-I will not lie) this vision of what her beautiful, perfect nursery will look like, but the reality is that this is simply not the priority in our days. This, my friends is actually what her nursery looks like currently (and yes, sadly those little piles of cute clothes are organized by size and category….believe-you-me!):


Her furniture is coming from Nebraska Furniture Mart and will not be here until some time in April….gah! I would simply love to have her dresser at least! We ripped the carpet out and are laying solid oak flooring. We have the flooring-Daddy just needs to find those extra hours to get it down! Thanks to our awesome family while they were all visiting the walls have all been painted and we put gold polka dots on one wall, the curtain rod and curtains are up, white blinds are up and we wall papered the back wall of her closet. Very fun! And, of course we have all of the pretties for her room….but we are going to wait until the furniture is here to put everything together. It is teal and coral with gold accents! Meanwhile, her mattress is on the floor and we rock her in one of the rockers off of the front porch!

You may have seen some of the photos on facebook by now from her first photo shoot. Blue House Fotos was awesome. We refer to her as the baby whisperer. The studio was about 300 degrees (perfect for naked babies) and she had white noise playing quite loudly. We literally handed Miss Lainey over when we arrived and she worked her magic, swaddling, wrapping, touching, etc….making her just melt in her hands! I am so glad she’ll be doing all of Lainey’s photos this year!

0128151507 image (17)

Perhaps a life-long dream of Adam’s has been to use a “family bathroom”. Unfortunately I am dead serious. To say this made his day is really down playing it…..


Lainey seems to be like every other baby and has unfortunately lost all of her hair on the top part of her head. The whole receding hair-line male hair loss thing is happenin’ to our gal:


One final thing….if you are looking for a totally awesomesauce baby gift that no one else will be giving, think about something from magnificent baby. Lainey got this outfit from her Uncle and Auntie in Montana. They got it at a baby boutique. It closes by magnets, people. AH.MAZ.ING. We will be shoving her little legs and arms into that thing as long as possible…which unfortunately will not be too much longer. So, with that said I would like to say if you do get anything from them ever, go big. I feel like maybe they run a tad on the small side. Or, maybe my baby runs a tad on the large side….

I lied….

I mentioned in this post that I really only collect two things. Then I put Christmas ornaments away and realized that wasn’t true!!

Six years ago, Hallmark stated releasing an ornament each Christmas in honor of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (our family lurve’s this movie as I’ve mentioned before!). Somehow we missed it the first couple of years but since then this has been a staple purchase every July! Eddie’s RV ornament is by far the most valuable and was an impulse purchase several years ago off of Ebay. I love that we have the whole set!


Last year was the first year they started with the original National Lampoon’s Vacation series and it is hilarious as well. The moose is the same one that says they are sorry that the park is closed and Clark punches it in the face! And, we checked…the station wagon is VERY accurate, all the way down to Aunt Edna on the roof and the correct suitcases!



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Good reads

I love a good book. Here are a few of the books I am currently (or getting ready to) reading:

Screenshot_2015-01-17-19-39-39 (2)

  • Gone Girl. This was an awesome read. So many twists and turns but can I just say…the ending sucked. Big time.
  • Jesus Calling. This was a gift to me several years ago. I try to read it every night. For those of us that struggle with really getting into the word, I recommend it.
  • Ressurection Year. This is written by Sheridan Voysey, the Husband from this post. This book has been very touching so far. As Adam says, their story is “spot-on” and feels like our own story. I can only hope we can make strides as big as they have…I will likely write more about my (our) thoughts when I am done with it.
  • Just One Thing. My doctor in Omaha recommend I read this to help with my guilt and feelings of inadequacies. I actually think Adam and I may read it together.
  • The Book of Awesome. I have started this already and love it. Each chapter is only a page or two and is about something awesome. Something happy. Like warm underwear from the dryer or a cashier opening a new register when you are in line at the store. There is more than one apparently by this author and I look forward to diving into those also.
  • The Rosie Project. I have purchased this already but haven’t started it yet. It sounds awesome and has a sequel of sorts that doesn’t sound quite as good but this one should be great!
  • The Good Girl. This is another I have purchased but haven’t started yet. It has good reviews and will hopefully be a good read.

Does anyone have any good recommendations out there for me of what you are enjoying?!!

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I’ve been thinking about the things that make Adam and I us. What has made our marriage be as strong and awesome as it is after over 18 years? What makes “us” tick.

Things you may or may not know about us:

  • We both know every (I mean EVERY) line to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and we often use it casually in our everyday discussions. “I don’t knoooow, Margo” or “bend over and I’ll show ya” are both classics.
  • We own a sign-repair company (the kind of digital signs you see at gas stations, malls, schools etc). We were blessed with a tremendous opportunity almost two years ago and purchased EDS/SignCo-a company Adam had worked for off and on for many years. This is (for the most part) Adam’s baby but I have learned more and more the past year and now help with much of the billing, paper-work, ordering, etc.
  • We sleep in our own beds. Ha! I am a horrible sleeper and there are nights that Adam is very busy in his sleep (not too long ago he dreamed he was running on ice…literally). Did you know that two twin XL mattresses=king? Well, they do.
  • Adam proposed to me in 1994 at Dumb and Dumber. Well, not literally. He took me to a nice dinner and proposed at the restaurant and after we went to the movie. The lines from this movie are also commonly used in our home day-to-day. And, yes we did see the sequel a couple of months ago and boy was it disappointing!
  • Our first date was on March 10, 1992.
  • SHMILY: For one of our first anniversaries we received the book Night Light: A Devotional for Couples by James Dobson as a gift and SHMILY (See How Much I Love You) was mentioned. We embraced it and it has been “our thing” ever since. From emails, love-letters or chicken-scratched notes, almost everything we have ever given one another says SHMILY. (Last year I found an artist on Etsy that made me the SHMILY art you can see in the upper right corner on this wall in our happy room).IMG_5447
  • We are healthy wanna-be’s. We eat only organic, free-range, hormone free meat, milk and eggs and try to purchase all of our other food organically also. We don’t buy canned goods with BPA in the lining and do not drink out of plastic containers, nor have anything plastic in our kitchen actually. On the flip-side, we are both overweight and love to eat out! Go figure.
  • We are huge animal lovers. We would do anything for our fur babies and we have. We’ve done CPR on a cat on the way to the Hospital (and did revive him for a brief time) and tried to save our first love, Hastings (a border collie that we got when we first were married). Hastings had a pulmonary embolus and we sped the 60 miles to the nearest Animal ER/Hospital before we lost her. We watched while they did CPR and did labs, EKGs, etc on her but were unable to save her. We both remember seeing her eyes right before they closed for the last time. Years ago we paid for our kitty Corona (Miss Corona Barona!) to have a root canal (I’m serious). She was our 20-year old that we had to put down last spring for cancer in her airway. Boy, we loved that old gal. We once had a beautiful orange cat that had renal failure from getting into some lillies that we literally gave IV fluids to for days at home trying to save his little kidneys. Mr. Pepper, our 18 year-old siamese had an over-active thyroid about ten years ago and we sent him to K-State for radioactive treatment. Again, I am serious. Ha! He had to stay there for several weeks under quarantine before we were allowed to go pick him up. We have cared for this same old guy since May when he suffered a stroke. He is blind and deaf and loving life now but it has and still is hard-work for us to care for him. We love him so. Two of our cats are buried on my Father’s property in Montana (both with their own headstones!) and our beautiful Hastings and other cats are buried on Adam’s parent’s property in Mississippi-all in oak boxes lined with velvet that Adam made for them. Yes, we are well-experienced at shipping our animals on dry-ice. Weird, we know. I work with a woman who often says that when she dies she wants to come back as one of  our pets. Not a bad idea at all.

Check back tomorrow for more!

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